This year’s Spring Show was was a smashing success! Mother nature favored us with a mild Spring which provided a bounty of dazzling azaleas in full, gorgeous flower. Many visitors and members felt this was the best show ever in the quality and quantity of trees, and the presentation.

Congratulations to all who contributed in large and small ways. BASA is a terrific club for team spirit and it was on full display during the show. No slackers, despite what the above photo suggests. Special thanks to George Haas whose efforts in making our advertising for the show available early and distributed widely resulted in good attendance both days. We all have lots to be proud of.


Click to see more photos from the show

Click to see more photos from the show


Hello Everyone, Thank you all for your help in making out 2016 Azalea Show the best ever. With all your help setting up and tearing down seemed easy. Raffle ticket sales were great, but most of all the trees were truly spectacular! Beautiful flowers and lots of good comments. Through everyone’s efforts we made it possible.

There was so much interest in our trees. People were curious about the moss on top of the soil, care in hot weather, the soil we use, feeding and more. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of these curious people join our club?

We have a very special club with members willing to share their ideas and help new members learn and grow with their trees. I’m very proud of our members and the club.

– Mike